To capture ten thousand words in a blink of an eye.


We at Saybs Productions specialize in both photography and cinematography. Photography is an art that requires the photographer to tell a story in just one shot. A photograph is a complete work in itself, and a good one is worth – as they say – a thousand words. Cinematography, on the other hand, requires the cinematographer to understand the relationship between shots and groups of shots. It is a piecing together of motion, lighting, and effects into one comprehensive narrative.


Founder / Photographer

With more than 14 years’ experience as a photographer, Samer specializes in Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography, Architectural Photography, Portrait Photography, Artistic photography, Food Photography, Event Photography, Studio Photography, and more!

For his entire adult life, he has sought to master the art of photography and immersed himself in various genres of photography.

His journey began in 2000 when, as a salesman in a studio, he started learning photo development techniques and quickly became a photo-print operator who oversaw the photo laboratory. This job sparked his passion in photography. Although he was working with photos every day, he noticed that he was missing something vital: the photography itself!

Samer apprenticed other photographers in studio photography and began attending photography courses in 2005. He became deeply involved in every aspect of this domain. He took photography classes as well as related software courses (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Encore, 3Ds Max, etc.) until he became an Adobe certified graduate.

During this time, Samer also had the opportunity to work as a senior photo editor and as a photographer at a well-known company that handles weddings, corporate events, etc. After a decade of working with and learning from other professionals, his brother, Ribal – who had cinematographic ambitions – and he founded their own company: SAYBS PRODUCTION.

Samer is proud of his photography work at Saybs Production, and he hopes you enjoy his portfolio


Founder / Cinematographer
With over eight years of experience in cinematography, Ribal specializes in managing the multi-camera rigs used in filming motion pictures, which requires detailed knowledge of the best practices of camera placement in order to ensure the best view and a knack for selecting the optimal cameras to achieve the best shots. Specifically, his expertise lies in putting together a variety of angle shots to create a more dramatic effect for the film. As a forward-thinking creator with a passion for cinematography, Ribal continually experiment with new technology, cameras, and editing software to achieve superior production outcomes.

Ribal is proud of his cinematography work at Saybs Production, and he hopes you enjoy his portfolio

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